KU's refund policy for Lawrence and Edwards Campus students requires direct deposit for student account refunds. 

Students may sign up through Enroll & Pay, where they can find the “Direct Deposit for Refunds” option in the Campus Finances section. Students can find additional information about direct deposit at the Student Accounts & Receivables website.

After signing up for direct deposit, any excess financial aid and other credit balances will be deposited each semester to your designated bank account using Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). The amount will be determined by the Adjustment/Refund Schedule. If you change bank accounts, you must update your bank information online or resubmit a form. 

To temporarily accommodate those who have not yet enrolled in direct deposit, paper checks will be mailed once a week to students’ billing addresses or, when no billing address exists, permanent addresses. Verify your billing and permanent addresses on Enroll & Pay

General payment refunds are disbursed after the 20th day of class. Thereafter, general payment refunds are subject to a 14-day encumbrance from the date of payment before being disbursed in the next scheduled refund batch.

Withdrawn and canceled enrollment

Refunds for financial aid recipients who withdraw (drop all classes) may be applied first to any aid programs from which the student received aid. Depending on when you withdraw from the university, you may or may not owe tuition and fees. Please refer to the Registrar's website for more information and a refund schedule.

If you do not intend to return to KU for the start of a new term, you must properly cancel your enrollment before the due date to avoid late fees. If you have accepted financial aid, you must also submit a written request to Financial Aid & Scholarships to cancel your awards.