Transfer Aid

Financial aid cannot be transferred from one postsecondary institution to another. However, if you received federal financial aid from one institution, you should be able to receive federal financial aid at KU (as long as you meet eligibility requirements and SAP standards). 

Contact your current school’s financial aid office

You’ll want to inquire about their transfer policies. If you were awarded financial aid for the fall semester at the school you will no longer be attending, submit a written request to cancel your spring financial aid. If you have already enrolled for the spring semester but plan to transfer to KU, you may need to officially withdraw to avoid charges.

Send your FAFSA to KU

You will need to request your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) information be sent to KU. If you are receiving a federal loan, you must cancel the loan with the school you are not attending and reapply at KU. We will not be able to process your new loan until the previous one has been cancelled. This process can take up to four weeks. You can add and delete school codes (KU’s is 001948) at using your FSA ID, or contact the Federal Processor at 1-800-433-3243 to make this request.

Check about other forms of aid

If you are receiving an outside scholarship, contact the scholarship donor to coordinate the transfer of funds, if the donor permits it. If you were awarded financial aid funded by the State of Kansas, contact the Kansas Board of Regents at 785-430-4240 or