Billing & payments

Student Accounts & Receivables at KU is responsible for billing, processing tuition and fee payments, collection services on past due accounts, third-party billings, and the disbursement of excess financial aid and refunds. Some departments, such as KU Transportation Services and Watkins Memorial Health Center, handle their own billing and payments; contact those departments with questions.

Student Accounts & Receivables

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Access your eBill

Notification of each new eBill will be sent to your registered KU email address unless otherwise designated. To obtain your eBill, log into Enroll & Pay, select the “Student Financials,” “Account Services,” and then “Print or View a Bill.” KU does not mail paper invoices. 

Bills issue on or near the 21st of each month and are due on the 15th of the following month. The eBills include details of current charges. Past eBills are available for the current year and the past four.

All payments received since your last bill, including financial aid, will be reflected on your current statement. A prior balance reflects the ending balance from your last bill, not a balance due; refer to "Pay this Amount" to determine any due balance.

Pay your eBill

Financial aid can be used to pay standard charges, such as tuition, room and board, course fees, infrastructure fees, technology fees, other required campus fees, and bookstore charges. However, per federal regulation, KU cannot apply a student's financial aid toward penalty fees such as late payment fees, late enrollment fees, returned check fees, and finance charges.

Payments not received by the appropriate due date will incur a non-refundable $100 fee. If a second bill is sent and is not paid by the due date, another non-refundable $100 late payment fee will be assessed. Thereafter, a 1.5% default fee will be assessed on all unpaid tuition and fees until the charges are paid in full. Enrollment, transcript delivery, and diploma delivery are frozen until full repayment occurs.

Learn more about paying your bill on the Student Accounts & Receivables website.

Grant delegate access

You are ultimately responsible for any amounts owed to KU. Therefore, you must make persons who financially assist you aware of payment amounts and due dates, as well as relevant KU policy and procedures. KU can only provide this information to others authorized as delegates. 

You can create a delegate user through Enroll & Pay. Delegates can view your account balance, obtain notification of eBills by email, and process online payments on your behalf.